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Artwork by Diana M

I was just remembering yesterday how this game had the most BEAUTIFUL art I’ve ever seen and today I came across this dope photomanipulation, a different concept (this is an ubran-take) but still impressive.

Counting Blessings

Back in grade 8 I had a classmate who was legally blind, she was also one of the most exceptional students and people I had ever been around. I remember one day my teacher asked her a question a lot of us were probably curious to find out ourselves as well. She asked her that if she had the chance or opportunity to cure her blindness and gain the ability to see, would she go for it?

Her reply surprised most of us, if not all - she said no. Her explanation was pretty interesting, she said that because she lived her whole life up to that point with the disability and was so used to living with it, that it would be a huge burden for her to basically learn and experience life from scratch.

I don’t know if she said it out of fear of something so different, or if she genuinely felt she was fine with her life the way she was. Either way I remember how she handled herself with such confidence and thankfulness. Personally I think one of my biggest fears is to lose my sight, it’s the one thing I’m so thankful for - the ability to visually experience life and the signs of my creator (though I don’t do justice to my soul with how i treat my eyes at times).

Speaking as an artist, I feel it is the single most important source of my creativity - I might even go as far as to say that my creative intelligence depends solely on my sight.

Photography by Marianna Armata

Pride Rock

"We want to follow a dream, yes it’s true, but it’s one thing to follow a dream and another to follow an obsession…A dream is more pure than obsession. A dream is about pride"

- José Mourinho (Inter Milan 2010 - Historic Treble Season)

I’ve been keeping an eye on this Atéltico Madrid team for most of the year - mainly to see what Diego Costa is all about - but also because they were an intriguing and exciting team to watch. I have tweeted a few times this year that I would love for them to beat out both Real Madrid and Barca and capture the La Liga title this year, I think it would be great and much needed for the league.

They have also been my underdog team (if you can even claim them as such anymore) in the Champions League tournament. Argentine coach Diego Simeone - one of my favorite players who played for Inter Milan - is proving himself to be one of the most impressive coaches in the game. He has successfully helped built a truly respectable squad over there in Spain and with the way He and the team have carried themselves, you can have nothing but respect for them. Their attack is one of the most impressive in the game today and their discipline on the defensive side of the field is just as polished. 

With what they’ve done and achieved so far, as an Inter fan, I couldn’t help but make the comparison with our own historic 2010 campaign. Thus that Mourinho quote in the beginning which I feel truly identifies and resonates with this team as much as it did back in 2010 for Inter.

PSG was my other bandwagon team but they got owned so I’m rollin’ with Atlético now. 

[When my own team didn’t even qualify for Europa League, let alone Champions League, I’m allowed to bandwagon]

La Liga and Champions League are far from over but I’ll leave you guys with this interesting graphic that may hint towards it being their dream season.

Teams that eliminated Barcelona in the past 6 years in the Champions League all went on to win the title; with the exception of 2009 and 2011 where Barca themselves were champions.

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Vanity by Pixel Union